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The following information summarizes the capacity building initiatives that ADR-Link takes part in.

ADR-Link applies for funding from the Ministry of Children & Youth Services for capacity building initiatives annually. The purpose of these initiatives is to raise awareness and utilization of child protection ADR in the South West Region of Ontario. If funds are awarded, there is a particular focus on building capacity in the area of Indigenous Approaches/ODR. The following are the main priorities of the received funds:

  • to train new and/or existing ADR facilitators,
  • to increase awareness and understanding of ADR,
  • and to build relationships among community partners

ADR-Link acknowledges the uniqueness of each Indigenous community we serve and support each community in developing their own ADR/ODR methods that are in harmony with community needs and priorities. If you or your community is interested in capacity building initiatives, please contact ADR-Link for more information.

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