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Please see below for resources and research relating to ADR. Click on the title of each resource to view a PDF version.

Family Group Conference (FGC) Related Resources

Family Group Conferencing: A Message From The Bench

Written for the American Humane Association, this piece provides input from Judges on Family Group Conferencing (FGC).

Overview of Family Engagement Models

This overview provides comprehensive definitions and background information pertaining to Family Group Conferencing (FGC). This information focuses on the various approaches and models to engage the family group in Child Welfare Decision Making.


Child Protection Mediation (CPM) Related Resources

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Other Resources

How an Alternate Approach Can Keep Families Together in Children’s Aid Cases

This newspaper article from the Toronto Star provides a real-life experience of how Alternate Dispute Resolution can help families.

2013 Bay Consulting Group Report: Evaluation of the Child Welfare ADR Service Delivery System in Ontario

Between February and October 2012, an evaluation of the Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) service delivery system was undertaken on behalf of the Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS). The goal of this evaluation was to determine whether or not the current system is achieving its goals efficiently and to provide recommendations for improvement.

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Child Protection Cases

This paper by Carolyn Leach, Counsel, Office of the Children’s Lawyer was prepared in 2015 for the Intensive Child Protection Program for Lawyers, in Windsor, Ontario. Outlining the structure of the child protection ADR program in Ontario, this paper identifies case examples that may or may not be suitable for ADR and discusses the role of counsel in the ADR process.

ADR-Link Feedback Survey Summary

Prepared in 2014 by Jessica Cowling, BSW, MSW Cand. for the London Family Court Clinic, this report is a summary of the quantitative and qualitative data collected from feedback forms distributed to ADR Practitioners, ADR participants, and CAS workers who referred to ADR-Link.


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