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Please see below for information on the working groups that ADR-Link take part in.

ADR-Link Working Advisory Group

Upon ADR-Link’s development, this working group was established with the scope of working within the Ministry of Children and Youth Services Policy Directives. This group reviews how the service is being used, gathers data, reviews all forms used for the service, seeks feedback from service users, and engages in capacity building initiatives when possible. Acting as liaisons with agencies, consulting with Indigenous communities and organizations, and communicating with the Ministry, the Working Advisory Group seeks promotion of the service. Additionally, this group advocates for the funding needs, research opportunities, identifies issues, and organizes mechanisms for tracking and reporting outcomes of ADR methods.

ADR-Link Indigenous Approaches Referral Subcommittee

After receiving feedback from various First Nation & Indigenous communities, it was established that it is essential for these communities to access ADR-Link from within. ADR-Link has been committed to developing a process that meets this request, with the help of an Indigenous Approaches Referral Subcommittee. To ensure the protocols that are developed are communicated effectively and families receive the best possible services/access to the ADR-Link program, ADR-Link is making efforts to actively engage with each Indigenous community as well as each Children’s Aid Society in the South West region of Ontario.

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