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Upon the conclusion of each ADR process, ADR-Link asks for opinions and feedback from all parties involved. This information is received from Practitioners, family members, CAS workers, as well as others involved in the process. Having this feedback helps ADR-LINK continually improve the process for users of the service. Below are some comments received from previous participants in ADR processes.

Child Protection Mediation

“I am really happy with how mediation went. [Mediator] was a great big help. If I had to do it over again, I would”.

“The family [is] the expert”.

“The referral process with ADR-Link from my experience so far is exemplary and will hopefully be used as a model at some point”.

“Mediation empowered the parties who had felt powerless”.

“It was nice to have everyone share their opinions and concerns with respect to [child’s] best interest”.

“I was surprised at how supported I felt!”

“Really appreciated [mediator’s] ability to clarify and bring back to point on topics as discussed; ease of connecting to [mediator] – use of email and phone”

Indigenous Approaches/ODR

“ADR-Link was totally supportive of my doing this conference in a Native Traditional way, they encouraged this and were understanding of the cultural differences that a First Nation family might have”.

“ADR-Link is COMMITTED TO RESPECTING THE PROCESS OF [INDIGENOUS APPROACHES], which may include a FGC or a similar process adapted to the family’s cultural beliefs”.

“The conference began with a Drum Ceremony that included traditional prayers, a smudge and the passing of the pipe to all present in the Circle. Strawberries and blessed water were also used in the Ceremony. A traditional Eagle Feather was used as a talking tool… The Ceremony provided an opportunity for this family to take ownership of the conference and truly make it completely relevant to them”.

“Congratulations to ADR-Link for having the vision to realize the importance of FGC for this family, for realizing it had to be a First Nations Coordinator, and for allowing the process to happen”.

Family Group Conference

“There were many obstacles in the way of the conference ever happening (distance, and money) but ADR came through and put the family first”.

“for the first time in a long, long time I felt we had control at the outcome of our situation. It was a wonderful experience”.

“Family had an opportunity to get together and develop a plan for the children. This process facilitated an increase in communication among family members who had previously become disconnected from one another. The children witnessed support and commitment from their extended family network”.

“The process has been a healing process for all”.

“I was surprised at the great ideas we came up with collectively”.

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