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For those making referrals, ADR-Link is available to provide in-service presentations regarding the ADR program, including information on how to make referrals.

Alternative Dispute Resolution – “Understanding the Options”

This workshop offers an overview of the four methods of child protection ADR available to families as an alternative to court; Family Group Conferencing, Child Protection Mediation, Indigenous Approaches/ODR and the 4th Option. It is designed for CMHO agencies, CAS staff and managers, Indigenous communities, community legal services and those working on family law matters. *Available as a ½ day or full day format or as a 60-90 minute intensive presentation.

Capacity Building for Indigenous Approaches/ODR

Initiatives for increasing the utilization of Indigenous Approaches in the South(west) region of Ontario include training staff managers and management at CASs. In First Nation communities in the South(west) region of Ontario, initiatives for increased capacity to deliver Indigenous Approaches focus on increasing the number of Indigenous Approaches Practitioners on the ADR-Link Roster and increasing awareness of ADR by developing positive community relationships.

*The Ministry of Children’s and Youth Services supports ADR-Link capacity building.

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