ADR-Link Referral Form – click here

  • While the suggestion for ADR can be made by any party including the court, currently, the referrals can be submitted by one of the eight CASs or ten First Nation communities within the South West region of Ontario. See the referral process for more information.
  • A PDF version of this form is available here. (This form can be faxed to (519) 679-4234 or emailed to

OCL Notification Form – click here

  • Use this form to notify the Office of the Children’s Lawyer of the intention to make a referral for ADR. You will be required to include the names and dates of birth of the children, your contact information, names and contact information for parents/caregivers, names and contact information of any other expected participants, nature of court proceeding, description of protection concerns, issues proposed for ADR, and the nature of any on-going criminal investigation and/or prosecution. If the proposed ADR is in relation to an openness order, you will be asked to attach a copy of that order in your submission.
  • A PDF version of this form is available here.
  • This form is to be sent by the referral agent via fax to the Office of the Children’s Lawyer, (416) 314-8050 attn: ADR Intake Coordinator.

CAS Feedback Form – click here

  • As a CAS worker, ADR-Link needs your opinions and feedback about the process and outcome. Please complete this 2-page survey for each referral at the close of the ADR process, even if no ADR took place. This information is collected to aid the Ministry of Children & Youth Services as it plans for the next steps of child protection ADR in Ontario.
  • A PDF version of this form is available here. (This form can be faxed to (519) 679-4234 or emailed to
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