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ADR-Link accepts applications to join our roster only when the roster is “open”. When the roster is “open”, ADR-Link is seeking applicants. When the roster is “closed”, ADR-Link is not seeking applicants. However, there may be circumstances when ADR-Link is seeking applicants specifically for CPM, FGC, or ODR at any time due to demand for service. Please see below for the current status of the ADR-Link roster

If the ADR-Link roster is “open”, please follow these steps to apply:

  1. In order to apply, you must first be on the roster of the Ontario Association for Family Mediation and/or the George Hull Centre roster and/or are a qualified ODR Practitioner
  2. Must be available to take cases within the South West Region of Ontario
  3. Complete application form linked below
  4. Submit application form to ADR-Link with an updated resume, Police Vulnerable Sector Check, and proof of liability insurance
  5. If accepting new applicants, ADR-Link will be in contact to arrange an interview
  6. Interview with ADR-Link
  7. If accepted to the roster, acceptance letter issued
  8. Submission of photo and biography to ADR-Link
  9. Placement on ADR-Link roster

Application to be placed on ADR-Link Practitioner roster

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